Monday, 22 August 2011

My little crafting world!

Sorry no card inspiration today as I have been busy trying to get my house in order (and of course that means my craft room) Just to show I haven’t been shirking I thought I’d show you what it looks like now. I wish I had taken some ‘before’ photos, although I probably would have been too ashamed to show them, but I can assure you it looked nothing like this!! I am lucky enough to have a spare bedroom which has been completely turned over to craft and is somewhere I can lock myself away and craft to my hearts content. I do have a collage of my grandchildren on the wall to look at occasionally and a small TV, although this rarely gets switched on!
Back tomorrow with some favour boxes :0)


  1. Looks fab and so well organised! x

  2. Bet it feels good to have your craft room all neat and tidy. Wish I could say the same about mine! xx

  3. Wow, what a fab space & so orgnaised to. I am attempting to reorganise my craft area but it is taking time.

  4. I am super jealous!!!! This is what I wish that my craft room will look like someday. I think you should do a video tour and talk us through how you stor everything.
    Kelly xx

  5. What a well organised space :)
    It's great to have a spare room to claim as your own :)
    Jenny x

  6. Wow that's a super space! x

  7. Wow what an amazing space you have!!! You are so very lucky! x


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