Saturday, 15 October 2011


Now what on earth has this got to do with a cocktail I hear you cry!! Well the ladies at Less is More asked us to be imaginative with the theme this week, which is 'Cocktails' and that is exactly what I've done. Not knowing the first thing about cocktails I did a search and was surprised to find out that there are thousands of them. As another fellow Limette has already said, some far too rude too mention let alone ask for!! Well there is one called 'Crazy Frog' and, apparently, it's made by mixing equal parts of a red alcopop, a blue alcopop and ******** Ice (sounds disgusting to me but was a good recipe for my card). I'm not too sure how you make a frog look crazy but here is my punch art version of one, he's sitting on what are supposed to be ice cubes and I added a cocktail umbrella (made with the Pennant Punch and a circle punch) in red, white & blue to represent the colours of the drink and a couple of cherries - just because. The sentiment was done with an alphabet stamp set and a sentiment stamp. I have no idea when you would use this card, and if you did I'm sure the recipient would think you were crazy, but I had fun making it. Sorry ladies not very CAS or much white space but, having made it, I thought I would share :0)


  1. Cool card and I love your crazy frog though I'm none too sure I fancy trying it!!!


  2. What a fun card Margaret - although I think I'll stick to a nice glass of wine! Vx

  3. Fabulous!
    Love the imagination, brilliantly thought out
    Thank you
    Mandi LIM

  4. What a super card Margaret... and a terrific idea.
    Absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  5. You are amazing Margaret; not one, but two fabulous and creative cocktail cards! xx

  6. Brilliant! I don`t think I got as far as the `C`s. Lol Your card is fabulous and very imaginative.
    Lynne xxx

  7. What a super card, love the frog on the ice. Would not want to try one.

  8. This is such a fun card, its great xx

  9. Great card such fun and a great take on the challenge
    Beryl x

  10. I love your crazy frog, does he have the ring tone of that crazy frog phone tone? I don't suppose so anyway great to meet you yesterday and hope to see you soon x

  11. Lovely card, well done. You can view my card here Maureen........x

  12. Love it, fab punch art, love the sentiment too.

    You can view my card here

  13. Great idea Margaret.... I have never heard of some of these cocktails so I'm learning a lot this week!
    Jenny :)


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