Friday, 20 April 2012

Birthday lunch

No card to show you today but something very delicious! My lovely (and very clever) sister arranged a surprise lunch for myself and some friends yesterday to celebrate my birthday (it was earlier in the week but Thursday is my day off!) On the menu - a twice baked cheese souffle served with green leaves, walnuts, grapes and pomegranate and dressed with balsamic vinegar - accompanied by warm, homemade bread (sorry I broke my bread up before I remembered to take the photo!) and for dessert, a vanilla panna cotta with a de-constructed rhubarb crumble served with fresh double cream. Sorry to disappoint you but I forgot to take a photo of this until AFTER I'd eaten it but, believe me, it was fabulous!
I count myself really lucky to have such a lovely, thoughtful sister - and even better cos she's a fantastic cook :0)


  1. That looks so tasty Margaret and a lovely thought from your Sister.

    Happy Belated Birthday xx

  2. Oh Margaret, belated birthday wishes, I had no idea it was your birthday, sorry!
    The meal looks gorgeous and I bet it tasted wonderful. Well done Linda... mine's in October - so see you then, and I promise I'll have forgotten you're coming by then so it really will be a surprise! lol
    Take care, both of you, and see you soon I hope
    Luv Lynney

  3. Wow! What a fantastic looking (and sounding!) lunch. Happy birthday for 'earlier in the week' Margaret and what a very talented treasure your sister is! Vicky x

  4. A well earned lunch, Hope your day was special. How lovely to have such a thoughtful sister.
    Joyce x

  5. You're so lucky to have a sister Margaret and this lunch looks so delicious! I hope you had a lovely birthday and got lots of nice goodies :) Sarah x

  6. I'm so glad you had so many lovely things given to you on your special birthday Margaret. Thank you for sharing x
    Sue Ralph


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