Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I'm sure you must all be sick and tired of my current obsession with Punch Art so, bearing that in mind, I have created a collage of the six most recent cards I've made. I've been frantically searching for the originators of the various designs as I hate to case something and not give credit but, as I said previously, it's more or less impossible. I find the website for the image on Google and then read that this was 'cased from someone else' so I go to that website and read the same thing! Whilst I can easily spend hours blog hopping I have got a bit frustrated with not actually finding anything out so I will say - yet again - thank you to the original designer and I'm sorry I can't give you the credit you deserve!
I've had a lot of pleasure making these cards, especially as the weather here was so awful on Monday, and up to now the giraffe I posted the other day was my favourite but that's changed today - I love that little dog at the top, with his paws on his hips and going cross eyed because he has a butterfly on his nose. Well you know what they say - little things and all that :0)
All of the cards were made using Stampin'Up punches, sentiments and supplies.


  1. They're all good, but I think the clown is outstanding and you've used the perfect colour scheme for him, too.

  2. The dog one's very cute but I also think the spanners are clever and I like the sheep, and the tractor....... like them all! x

  3. They're all such fun Margaret but the clown is just so clever :0)
    Great work.
    Jenny x

  4. You could never get sick of these cards Margaret. They are sll so fun and some of them must take ages to put together! Love them all :) Sarah x

  5. These are absolutely fab Margaret. I love them all. x


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