Saturday, 20 April 2013

Card Swap Group

No Less is More entry from me today as I've gone AWOL (more about that later) but today's card is the one I have received from Michelle in the card swap group I have told you about before. Such a beautiful card which the photo doesn't do enough justice. Michelle has a blog here so why not pop over and pay her a visit. Thank you Michelle, I love it :0) Scroll down to the bottom to see more handmade cards made by little people!
I had a (big) birthday on Wednesday and it seems that this year my birthday is lasting over several days rather than one. On Wednesday I was spoilt by my friends and work colleagues with lots of  cards and presents and then, in the evening, I was spoilt even more at my son's house with a family gathering and even more cards, presents and food! On Thursday my lovely sister and two friends took me out to lunch which was really enjoyable (with more presents, cards & food!!). And why am I AWOL today? Well I am off to London with my sister and daughter for afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason's (a present from my daughter & son-in-law), with a visit first to Covent Garden. How lucky am I?
I have received some fabulous handmade cards which I will show you next week but today I will show you the one's I received from my grandchildren 
  Sky (aged 4)                     Conor (aged 1) with some help I think!             Willow (aged 2)          


                                                      Roman (aged 4)
and I just had to show you a close up of Superwoman which he said was Granny!!

All of my grandchildren (with the exception of Conor at the moment) love 'making fings' - I don't know where they get that from :0)


  1. Glad to hear you're having a lovely time and being spoiled rotten by the sound of it! Your grandchildren have inherited your creative talents, I see! Have a great time in London.

  2. Really glad you liked the card. Thanks for the mention. Hope you had a great birthday too. Michelle x x

  3. Glad you had a great birthday and what a cute selection of cards you've received. x


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