Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pennants for the 2012 Olympics

The other day I promised I would show you the pennants we have been making at our After-School Craft Club for a community project, set up by Quilts4London. Their aim is to make 14,000 pennants for the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic games and this will enable them to give a pennant to every athlete taking part in the games as a souvenir to take home with them.  Each year I try to get the kids to take part in something which is either for charity or a community project as, despite their own needs, they must be taught to think about others and crafting is an ideal way to do this. They do love to 'take something home' with them at the end of the session but they are always very keen to get involved in other projects as well. These are all finished and ready to be posted off to London, after the kids have 'shown' them in assembly on Friday where they will also be presented with a certificate to show their participation. The two at the bottom have been done by us 'big kids' who run the club!


  1. They all look fabulous Margaret. xx

  2. The children have done an amazing job!You must feel very proud of them.

  3. Oh wow, they're amazing Margaret, such talented young crafters I bet they were so pleased with them:) Being a horse lover I particularly love the dressage pennant :)
    Jenny x


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